Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Shareables: EmPower Music and Arts

You may know Empower as the sponsor of the Posi Music Festival and the Posi Music Awards, but the website has lots of other goodies, too.  Repertoire boosters, a music rights database, connections to hundreds of musicians, authors, and organizations.  Empower has grown significantly in the past two years, and now has truly national reach.  

This year’s Posi Fest is in Orlando from Jan16-20, with song school, workshops, keynotes, pajama jams, dozens of amazing NT musicians including Daniel Nahmod, Jana Stanfield, FaithRivera, Sloan Wainwright, Robert Anderson, David Roth, JD Martin-Jan Garrett, Karen Drucker, Jami Lula, Amy Steinberg, Laura Berman and many more.    

Empower Music and Arts: www.empowerma.com 

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