Tuesday, April 8, 2014

NW Region -- Leadership Empowerment Training Event

Seattle Unity is now hosting the regional Unity leadership meeting, and this time, it's expanded it to include an all-New Thought music ministry leadership track.  While the board, youth, admin and other leaders are having their meetings downstairs, Erin McGaughan is leading a full roster of music ministry leaders from all over the Pacific Northwest region's CSL's and Unities as they present a range of topics:

-  help with singalongs
-  Q&A panels with expert leaders from churches small and large
-  experiential sessions on charismatic worship
-  a mini-TED session with talks from local sages
-  a concert with mystic rock phenom Rafe Pearlman,
-  an improv session designed to demonstrate the main concepts of the Board track presenters.   This conference is titled "The Jazz of Leadership" and this demo turns that metaphor into real music.

Food, swag bags, and great networking guaranteed.  Presenters include Becca Palm, Laura Berman, Rafe Pearlman, Erin McGaughan, Eric O'del, Beverly Daugherty, Matt Corey, Tricia Sikes, Edree Allen-Agbro and more.  

Here's the full schedule.  Here's Facebook page with more details.  

Register today!