Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shareables: Taize music for free

 Characterized by candlelight, prayer, and beautiful music, Taize services are more and more popular in New Thought.   Ecumenical, mystical, and contemplative, these services attract a wide range of worshippers, young and old.

Fortunately, the Taize community in Burgundy, France posts its whole library of songs, plus learning tools for each part.  They REALLY want you to be able to sing these pieces. Taize songs come from various global chant traditions and languages including Latin, German, Russian, French, Portugese, Spanish, English, Lithuanian and more.

Monday, November 18, 2013

In Action: Jennifer Ferren

Atlanta-based Jennifer Ferren isn't a show-off, so it takes a while to realize how many distinct superpowers she has.  An accomplished event band leader and frontwoman, producer, music director, singer/songwriter and mom, Jennifer brings a wealth of experience and hip grace to her gigs.   She's well-liked by other artists and leaders for her flexibility, humor, and perspective.

Jennifer supports Red Cross for disaster relief and United Way. She travels in both Unity and CSL circles, but sends special love to Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta, as well as Atlanta CSL Midtown and CSL Sarasota.  Learn much more at http://jenniferferren.com/.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Shareables: New Thought Music Director Listing

This list, updated every month has basic contact info for hundreds of music directors from CSL's, Unities, and independent NT ministries all across the nation.  Right now the CSL's are a bit under-represented, so you're encouraged to send in the contact info for your church's program.
"Why should I do this?  Will it mean someone will bother me?  Will I get nuisance email?"  

So far, no, that's not been a problem, but in any case, NT centers in general could do more 'being seen' and less 'hiding out'.   One of the major ways we advance as a movement is through collaboration and networking, so don't skip this very easy way you can support the greater good, just by speaking up and being counted.     

Want another "being seen" easy freebie?   Make sure your church's website has a music ministry page, with contact info easily available for prospective guest artists and volunteers.