Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Gary Lynn Floyd - New Thought Artist

From http://www.garylynnfloyd.com/ where you can learn more about New Thought Artist, Gary Lynn Floyd

Gary Lynn Floyd is an American singer-songwriter who connects straight to the heart and lifts up a room with his inspirational lyrics and soulful style. A native of Houston, Gary began picking out melodies on a piano at four years old, and he’s been making music ever since. Today he writes and records deep and meaningful music, and shares these songs like a gift to audiences across the country. His style is a mix of pop, rhythm, and blues, combining silky vocals with powerful lyrics. It is Gary’s openness to divine inspiration that fuels his endless supply of musical ideas, creates his heart-opening lyrics, and is the light that shines through his performances. With his piano and microphone, Gary is a catalyst for positive change and raises the collective vibration not only through his music but also through his welcoming presence on stage. Gary brings to his musical performances the culmination of a life’s work. From early roots in gospel and jazz to stage and screen acting to his recent one-man show “When Gary Met Harry: The Music of Harry Warren,” Gary draws from a deep and eclectic well of talent and experience. Critics and fans alike respond to Gary with open arms. The Global Women’s Empowerment Network selected Gary’s “Unbound” as its theme song; the CW Network Television Series, TroubadorTX, featured Gary among celebrated Texan singer-songwriters; and Gary’s critically acclaimed EP, The Gospel of Zen, was nominated for three 2010 OutMusic Awards, including Album of the Year. With a unique ability to tune into truth and translate it into music, Gary also has written and recorded various film scores including “Music in the Meaning” for the Noetic Films’ documentary, Viktor & I. In his newest album My88keys Vol. 1, Gary goes unplugged and invites fans to lean in close for an intimate session with simply the artist and his piano. The first single, “Love Cover Me,” sets the tone with its inspirational and poetic message of love and light. “Kindness wash over me / Make me a symphony / Play every note you can find.”

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Deanna Mullins

I am excited to introduce myself and share the news of Offering, my recent CD release. I am a singer/songwriter in San Jose and have had the pleasure of working/playing with Rev. Abigail at our amazing center in Redwood City. I am inspired and moved by Abigail, as she holds the vision for our center, my music, and all that is possible for humanity.

Offering is a collection of 12 New Thought-inspired songs in the folk and singer/songwriter genres, that were born out of breakthroughs from my participation in Abigail's SisterSpirit Retreats and Science of Mind coursework. The enthusiastic response of the CSL-P, SisterSpirit, and emPower Posi communities to my music has inspired me to look for new opportunities to share myself and my music with a wider audience, whether in a Sunday Service or other format.

Blessings and Love,

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Blaze and Kelly: New Thought Artists

Hello, I am part of a duet called "Blaze and Kelly".  We've played at several Centers for Spiritual Living, including the Big Sky Retreat with Michael Gott and Karen Drucker.  We play often here in Boise and find that many of our tunes fit perfectly with New Thought.

We would like to let others know what it is we do and sound like.  You can go to www.blazeandkelly.com to hear songs like "Life is Beautiful"  or "Above the Rain" (and more) to hear what we sound like and our lyrical content.

Niccole Blaze