Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Call for Shareables

You’re strongly encouraged to send materials and suggestions for posting on this blog in the category “Shareables”.

Shareables could mean free original materials you’d like to give away, like your compositions, recordings or articles -- something that would be helpful for New Thought music staff, ministers, artists and seekers.  Or it could be links to libraries or hub sites where leaders and artists can access a wide range of resources all at once, for example a site that represents many different NT artists, or a symposium that will offer a wide variety of networking or professional development opportunities.   

One very important way we grow our music ministries is by seeing other spiritual communities'  services and music, but it's not always easy getting a Sunday off to go visiting.  So if you have links to streamed services and service videos, send those, definitely!    My place has a sweet volunteer who puts up videos on Youtube.   Doesn’t have to be Emmy-winning quality to be really helpful. Send it in!   

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